Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is All Inclusive Ads a SCAM?


Go to almost any SafeList email ad, YouTube video, or Blog about All-Inclusive-Ads and they almost all tell you that they are getting between 1 and sometimes as high as 35 sign ups or leads to their Internet affiliate programs EVERYDAY.....

I thought WOW, getting all these sign ups to your personal affiliate programs each day and it only costs $29.95 per month..  I'M IN....

First month ZERO sign ups.......
Second month ZERO sign ups.....
Third month ZERO sign ups......

After the third month with NO sign ups, I thought that maybe I had set up my links incorrectly. So I sent an email to support asking "why I had not even received one lead to any of my affiliate links? Had I set up my affiliate links wrong?"

And this is the reply I got back from All-Inclusive-Ads support "No your affiliate links are working correctly, it is because of the bad economic that you are not currently getting any sign ups.  But hang in there, as we expect affiliate sign ups to improve soon."

So I continued....
Month four ZERO sign ups........
Month five ZERO sign ups......
Month six ZERO sign ups......
Finally I decided to cancel my auto-payment two weeks after I had made my last monthly payment (for month number seven), thinking that my account and links would at least run until the next payment was due, as per All-Inclusive-Ads stated "Terms and Conditions".  But NO All-Inclusive-Ads cancelled my account and all my affiliate links that same day (I guess it really does not matter as I was not getting any sign ups from All-Inclusive-Ads anyway). 

So what affiliate programs did I have listed with All-Inclusive-Ads for those 6-1/2 months, well here they are, plus the total sign ups I had gotten to each, from All-Inclusive-Ads.

  PeopleString - ZERO
            Stiforp - ZERO
         WowWe - ZERO
        ViraDyne - ZERO
    ClubAsteria - ZERO
ThatFreeThing - ZERO
  GetResponse - ZERO

Now everyone of these programs are free to join (in fact two of them are 100% free, with no upgrades needed to make money).  In fact, what affiliate program would be in more demand than one that could generate people extra money without any monthly fees, especially in a bad economic, right?

I spent $29.95 for seven months, which means I wasted $209.65, on All-Inclusive-Ads!!!  I could have used the money for Safelist solo ads and gotten more sign ups than this.

Is All-Inclusive-Ads a SCAM, if you were me what would you say...

With all that said, I do want to share with you something that is currently working for me.

It is called My-Partner-In-Profit (called MyPIP for short).  If I had not found it by chance I probability would of considering just "quiting" the Internet affiliate game.  I joined MyPIP for free, within a week upgraded to Basic, and I am now upgraded to a Pro member.

My advise to anybody who "struggling" to get sign ups to their primary Internet business (like I have been for the last 2 years) is to join MyPIP and finally learn how the networking pros are Marketing their programs to get sign ups.
I can promise you that if you do sign up to MyPIP, watch the video's, go to the training webnars, and do the things on the site training, YOU WILL GET SIGN UPS and BUILD YOUR LIST.

How do I know this?  I have only been a member of MyPIP for one month so far and I personally have gotten the following sign ups--

         MyPIP - 60
 PeopleString - 7
      WowWe - 3
GetResponse - 12

And this is more that I have gotten in the last year using the standard
advertising methods, like Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, and Blogging...

Philip Reitcheck


  1. I have also heared that all their traffic comes from one and the same ip address and the $40000 of advertising is divided for every user, so i they have thousands of users, then this means not much advertising per head. Last, all the testemonials on their page are hoax, they hva rented people from, talk about being scammers they really suck!

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  3. Wow, can't believe you stayed with these guys for 3 months! We tried out their service (or disservice :)) and were also very disappointed with them, as they didn't provide nearly the amount of traffic/conversions that we thought we should be seeing. Thanks for posting this and getting the word out there about this program. Hopefully more people will wake up and start seeing this program for what it really is, fake!

  4. i am also in myPIP, and looking at another Paul Birdsall venture right now- funny, I heard he recommends AIA for promoting mypip, and other programs

    1. Tam, Paul DOES NOT RECOMMEND All-Inclusive-Ads for any advertising use.

  5. Thanks for for all your comments. I came across AIA only yesterday and decided to google it this morning before making my final decision. danjuma