Monday, October 3, 2016

Sync Domain to Blogspot

hello, just like count 1,2,3 to  build your own free domain, isn't it? no w is time to sync your Blogspot to your domain. ready?

 Before I continue the tutorial, I would like to share a little compare between CMS wordpress and CMS blogspot.

I think, it's just my opinion okay,
1. CMS Wordpress has many plugin that can build structure of the SEO with easily, so this thing will make our web can more possible to present on page one in, but don't underestimate the Blogspot, the Blogspot is one of google's apps(just like father and his son, his father will priority his son than other people)
2. For edit the inside of the web(HTML) CMS Blogspot it's easier or I can say the interface is more humanity or something like that(sorry if you can't understand my word remeber I'm just a newbie here lol). when you use wordpress, there's to much of sub-HTML, so if you get any problem with them it's pretty dificult.
3. About Themes, CMS Wordpress is more eye-catching but, with dynamic view, and has many themes to choose beside CMS Blogspot, but that's not mean the blogspot themes not good.
4. When use CMS Wordpress you must have hosting and must be selective to choose what kind of plugin to protect your web cause many plugin look same, but it's doesn't same after all(tips, you can check by rating of  the plugin). otherwise CMS blogspot give you an unlimited free hosting that has highly secure protection for your web

 actually this compare is already posted in my previously blog CMS Wordpress it's just a little "warming up" before I shared "how to?".

By the way why I posted this tutorial? the point is to make all of you to get shorten link then before. so we don't have to use after our link

 I think all of the post above is has already posted in my CMS Wordpress post, it's just another chit chat :p
 why I write too much chit chat? because this tutorial is pretty short, and realy simple, but still need to do with carefully and need focus, (oh no, another chit chat. lol)

 No more chit chat, just go to the step by step. 

 first step is log in to your Blogger account and go to setting and click on basic then clik on + Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog, and then will appear frame to submit your URL or domain which one has already created with us in previous post, then click save. here's the screenshot
setting basic blogspot
 What? error?

 No no no keep calm don't panic this is normal, maybe this not your fate to move on from :p just kidding  .

 Here is the explaination before we go to the next step. so, why blogspot report an error? when blogger is a man maybe they will say "what's wrong with this guy, he submit the domain but I can't found the source? hmm, how about report an error to shocked him. hohoho(with evil laugh)" so there is the reason why it's become an error . To solved this, let'us continue the tutorial.

 let's go to freenom(or any site where you build your own domain, in this tutor I used freenom to be my domain).
copy name, label, etc that I marked with red circle even they dont like circle ("INGAT INI")
kode blogspot
 Then login to your freenom account and go to menu services->my domain then click manage domain(with gear icon) then click manage freenom DNS
then input code like this picture below
masuk ke freenome dan input label A dan CNAME
copy this to label type "A" and leave the name "Blank"
 paste "" and all of that code which I tell you to copy before this step (which I wrote or marked with this word "INGAT INI") paste them in label CNAME.
 when it's done, save it then suddenly will appear report with green color say this
  • Record added successfully
  • Record added successfully
  • Record added successfully
  • Record added successfully
  • Record added successfully
  • Record added successfully
 okay, next step is to try submit your domain again to Blogspot and let see what happen

tuh bisa kan
Tuh Bisa kan
 voila you did it great!

 If can't try to refresh your browser and re-submit your domain.
Check it with insert your domain to addressbar. sometime it takes 24 hour for blogspot to fully complete sync with your domain so, be patient.

Here's mine let's see it This step is most important Lol :D

 ups, dont forget this too
 this function for those who visit your web without "www" still can access your web.
have a great day and good luck to try.

 alright, I think that's all step by step for how to sync your Blogspot to your domain , if still any question just write in comment bellow and let me know. if you have an advice spread it in here I would appreciate it. and for the last, please be advise for my abstract word or paragraph, because I'm just newbie here. thanks for coming and have a great day.

 a little secret from me, if your web already done, I'll tell you a secret how to increase your traffic from anywhere you want. so keep stay with me

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